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Airbrush  Tanning

Sunless airbrush spray tanning is perfect for achieving that glowing sun-kissed appearance without any UV exposure. Different methods include sunless tanning lotions and sprays that you apply yourself, but the best option is the expert hand applied by a professional, just like the celebrities. 
Our airbrush tanning services are serviced by our experienced spray tan technicians. We will custom mix your sunless solution based on your skin type and the desired darkness that you are looking for. No matter which option you choose, the active ingredient is DHA which is a natural sugar-based chemical that is completely safe and interacts with the proteins in your skin to form a beautiful golden tan.


Sunless airbrush spray tanning is also the perfect option for people who don’t tan easily, for fair skinned people who burn easily, those who avoid exposure to the sun and also those who want to keep their tan all year round. Sunless airbrush spray tanning does not require hours of baking in the sun, it only requires a quick application of product. Sunless airbrushed tanning is also the perfect way to avoid or blend tan lines away. Call today to book your appointment.






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